Bellator absolutely crushed it tonight

The ramp, the entrances, the slutty chicks, great fights, great main event, BRICK IN YA FACE... This card had it all. 

God bless Scott Coker.

Amen Phone Post 3.0

Agreed Phone Post 3.0

Great show indeed. It was a home run. Phone Post 3.0

All but the main event. The Ortiz vs Bonnar was horrible imo Phone Post 3.0

Did you say great main event?

Were you actually watching?

Sorry dude, but that slobberknocker was sad more than anything.

Fucking A.  The Zuffa shills will be in here any moment though to shit on the card because the main event sucked.  Coker + Viacom $$$  = awesome future.

good show.

It was good. The ramp and big screen improved the presentation.

Most fun I've had watching MMA in years. Phone Post 3.0

That blonde chick at the start of the Ortiz fight

Godayumm Phone Post 3.0

Great main event? That was the only fight I saw on the card... and if you define that as a great main event then I would have to conclude that your opinion is extremely biased. White knighting for Bellator... sad times.

WCW with mostly real fights. Bischoff, legit black belt, must be smiling.

The main event was sloppy but what did you expect? These guys just recently came out of retirement and are pushing 40. Despite their lack of speed and a gas tank, I was entertained throughout the fight. I guess I didn't have big expectations. Phone Post 3.0

Awesome show and Will Brooks is fucking awesome! Real deal for sure

Chandler v Brooks was great. Nice showing from Bellator's Senior Division in the main event Phone Post 3.0

Well said Warchild. Great fights. Glad Tito has another Win on his record. The Guy deserves it imo. Phone Post

They tweaked the lighting and canvas, it looks way better.

I'm not white knighting. I don't give a shit about the sport anymore and couldn't give a shit about the UFC vs. Bellator drama. I'm just looking to be entertained, and this was ENTERTAINING. Phone Post 3.0

dhughes - Bellator put on a great show overall. Phone Post 3.0