Bellator Fighter John Hawk wrestled at Penn? lol

Are credentials checked, nobody believed he'd ever wrestled a day in his life who I watched with tonight. Horrid, looked like he knew nothing about wrestling, then claims Penn State. Possible?

He got to be a fucking idiot if he claims to have wrestled at a certain college when he didn't, on worldwide television.

have you seen him fight and have middle school knowledge about wrestling? He has to be lying

HuntingtonPUNK - have you seen him fight and have middle school knowledge about wrestling? He has to be lying

I've seen him fight, i've also wrestled since my early teens. Alot of guys will tell you "I wrestled" or "I fight MMA bro". 9/10 times it means they showed up at the gym two times and never came back.

I hear tons of BS stories like these where I live, about random people yapping about being a fighter. And because I am a instructor at our one and only MMA gym, I know exactly who trains and how much.

It's ridiculous, they want the glory and none of the pain.

he is a cool guy

Penn States my favorite team and never heard of him wrestling there

Surely they keep record of who has wrestled for them?

 Resists urge to make Jerry Sandusky/Penn State joke since it's still too soon...

 Kent State

RonFoster77 -  Kent State

Being serious or sarcastic? Phone Post

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RonFoster77 -  Kent State
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yeah John wrestled at Kent State...pretty sure he has never claimed to of been outta Penn, so the OP is stirring stuff up that was never said.

John is a good dude, and coming along in the sport. Ton of heart and is improving in all areas of the game, especially as he adjusts to the new weight class.


penn is not penn state

no idea who this guy is, but thought i would point that out (if he is claiming penn and you guys look up penn state)

i used to wrestle at iowa... used to give tips to some young grommet name don garble or something

good kid just needs to up his work ethic

If it was Penn State, maybe the "wrestling" took place in the showers during boys football camp.

(Joe Hurley has more class than I do!)

yeah...definitely said kent state on the broadcast.

I don't think anyone wants to associate themselves with Penn State right now - unless they are a member of NAMBLA.

I went to Kent State with John, where he was a back-up heavy-weight to the all-time pins record holder (the name escapes me at this time). John was a bad dude then and is even better now. I've competed against him a couple times in submission grappling and he's tough as nails, and one of the nicest guys I know. I didn't know he was doing Bellator but I'm not suprised. Good luck to him.

Side note: whenever I say to someone I went to Kent State...they sometimes think I'm saying Penn State. So maybe that's what it was. I seriously doubt he'd make some shit up like that.

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