Bellator rules..NO ELBOWS allowed until 3rd round.

and its amazing how not one fight was decided by a bad cut, there were no doctor stoppages or check ups, and the ring didnt ruined.....and no ones gf or wife got grossed

smart rule....

yep....didnt find until the end and I must say that it didnt make the fights any less interesting...I actually thought it was better.

this is because fighters have to fight the next month. ITS a tournament

That's a bizarre rule.

Is it no elbows at all, or just no elbows on the ground?

On the ground I believe no elbows to the head but to the body is ok.

 What is this "until the 3rd round" stuff? No. Elbows on the ground are illegal in Bellator

if this is true it's completely ridiculous to expect the fighters to know while in the heat of battle what fucking round it is.

this sounds very stupid, and I'm betting it's not true (as mentioned above)

hey bro thanks for giving me props instead your talking about elbows lol.....

ok maybe it was no elbows to the head only to the body standing up. Im pretty sure I heard the Ref say something like that.

  Not only did the rules at the start say "no elbows" and make no mention of a 3rd round stipulation, but in the 3rd round of the Joe Warren fight with 1:30 left, Warren misses with a right hand and his elbow hits, the ref immediately warns him to watch the elbow.

 The rules graphic before the first fight says:

Three 5:00 rounds

No Elbows To The Head

No Kicking or Kneeing The Head Of Grounded Opponent

 It is no elbows until the third rounf OF THE TOURNAMNENT not of the fight.

 LOL Thanks KenP.  I knew Brasco couldnt have just made it up out of thin air, I kept looking trying to figure out where it came from. 3rd round of the tournament makes sense, they dont want guys unable to fight because of cuts still healing. I like it

KenP -  It is no elbows until the third rounf OF THE TOURNAMNENT not of the fight.

 I was reading this thread and can't believe these dipshits didn't realize this....

I think its:

First round - No elbows

2nd Round - Elbow allowed standing only

3rd round - only leg locks allowed..

4th round - no can defend

why are people still on this "elbows only lead to cuts (and eventually to doctors stoppages)" garbage?

that brutal ass cut on diego's head was certainly caused by an elbow from BJ, wasn't it? KJ certainly threw some 'bows to stop Nick. Kenny "Elbows" Florian has always stopped his opponents with elbows right, I mean he throws so many of them it's only fair to assume that.

Makes sense since it's a tournament.

I will admit though, LOL @ everybody (me included) thinking it was literally only elbows in the 3rd round of any fight. it does sound sorta interesting. We'd probably get more people trying to pass guard more often and less fights tainted by bad cuts. But what about knees on the ground in the third too?

Great rule!

How many fights did the UFC put on last year? How many ended due to cuts caused by elbows?

You would be surprised by how small the number is. Can't believe people still go on about this.

you're acting like a fight is decided by a cut at every ufc... its a lot less common than you people make it out to be