belt around knuckles..??

I was watchin a movie where when one guy got in a fight and he wrapped his belt around his knuckles. They made reference to this being a marine trick. Whats the point in doing so?

gives you a little cusion against your knuckles if you hit bone. you can also leave about 1-2' of length out with the buckle at the end and use it as a makeshift flail...

does the cushion help when you hit someone or somethin? I can't see any added benefit in using it

Worked for the Greeks and Romans...

so what exactly does it do? makes your fist tight and firm so when you hit someone it won't give (similar to a function of the brass knuckle)

I would think so. Boxers wrap their hands to protect them. Seems like leather would protect better.

I'm not so sure of it working as well as a boxer's hand wrap. And remember if you don't wrap your hands properly it might do more harm than good.

From a practical standpoint, when is someone going to have the time to take off their belt and wrap it around one's hand if they are in trouble.

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my belts are too stiff and too wide to wrap.

besides, i'd rather kneebar.


It looks very intimidating.

i was caught up in a riot in mazatlan in 1991 and long story short, at the end of it a local came out of nowhere and nailed me across the shoulder/back with his big ass texas style belt buckle at the end of a belt he had wrapped up in his hand just like we are talking about. needless to say, i've never ran so fast in my life back to the hotel and I had a bruise the size of a softball for about a week where he hit me. I would have been in bad shape if it hit my head.

IMO, just another improvised weapon. The fist protection part is just a secondary possibility to using the buckle to get distance. Once the bad guy is inside flailing range i'd probably just use the belt to tangle or choke. hopefully ya wont get caught with your pants down in the process ;)


It saves your hand from impact, go punch the wall with your bare hand, and try again with the belt.

What RoninGear is referring to is the Roman Cestus, or leather belt, they wrapped the hands of boxers with these so that one boxer would die easier, and have a more bloody fight. Romans were kinda bloodthirsty bastards.