Belt rankings in BJJ...

Here are a few articles that may interest you:

Article 137 talks about the blue belt examination.
Article 260 talks about the purple belt examination.
Article 261 talks about the brown belt examination.
Article 298 talks about the black belt examination.
Article 238 talks about the color of one's belt and its meaning.


Roy Harris


I like the way you have establish some standards and objectives for each belt.

I think this is important because it gives the individual something specific and tangible to work on and work towards.

I love the black belt exam! That gives me an idea where I'm headed (at some point). There are some veeeeery interesting requirements on there!


TT, not as much as I do! ;)

- Kyle

WORD. I wondered what you would have to say about that one.....


Gee, Kyle........ why would anyone think that YOU'D be at all interested in the black belt requirements?? **rolls eyes**

Cool read!