Belts that will stay tied!?!

I am looking to get a belt that will stay tied. Atama belts are too thick and the knot does not stay tied very well. Can anyone recomend a belt that is thinner but is still good quality... ive heart Krugans belts were good for this.



And you have worn this HKC exactly how many times?

31000 posts? Get on the mat!


Every time I've earned a new belt it takes a while before it will stay tied. Training will break it in.

My Atama stays tied, generally. I prefer a belt that will let go during comps though. Under used advantage.

LOL @ velcro

War belts stay tied....

a big ol truck driver belt buckle will keep it secured.

I am thankful my belt won't stay tied.  I use it as an excuse to stall and catch my breath.  :) 

I have the same problem with ATAMA belt.

try a mizuno one.

BJJ Adam,

We manufacture our belts to be a bit softer for exactly this reason. Blues are out of stock but will be available again in a couple of weeks.

Wash the belt . . . like ninety (90) times . . .

NEVER wash your belt.

Stop wearing the gi Adam