Ben has basically lost 3 in a row....

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Conor could make an interesting matchup, although not sure it works with the timeframe (Conor wants to compete soon - didn't see the fight, not sure how much damage) and weight. 

Youre basically an idiot. I didn't like Herbs call, but I understand why he did it. Lawler lost. You can "basically" all you want, but it doesn't change the result.

I'm basically an idiot. I've always been a fan of Ben. 


He got the living fuck stomped out of him against Robbie and pulled off a hail Mary that may or may not have even been legit. Let's not act like it was the most clear victory you've witnessed

The stoppage could be argued to be a hail Mary, but putting Robbie in that position was nothing but incredible skill and grit, and it wasn't sudden; he got up from under Robbie, managed to stick to him, smother him, take him down, and take his neck with no clear way out for Robbie. It's not Askren's fault it was stopped, but what led up to it was brilliant.