Ben Saunders vs. Patrick Cote

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Go Killa B. Phone Post 3.0

Ben Saunders

I want Ben to light him up, especially if Pat starts bicycling around and running and stalling.

Can it be a draw? i like both these guys

Cote telegraphs the shit out of his kicks

GUys trading kicks right now. Saunders hits a gorgeous trip

Saunders on top. I have actually never seen this. Cote looking for subs

Cote with an armbar saunders slips out cote takes side control

Saunders to butterfly guard. Cote countering the rubber guard well

COte has this round unless the judges are dickheads

Ben was pretty ineffective on the ground in Rd 1. Cote almost got the arm, landed harder shots after reversing position and getting on top.

Cote looks a lot stronger on the ground.

Good finish to the round by Côte.

Trading kicks again. Cote chant started

Looked like Ben tapped there as they switched cameras, too quick to be sure but I'd love to see that sub attempt again.

Cote landing a ton of strikes on the ground, stopped!!!!!!!!!

Cote beat him up

COte bum rushing

Fuuuuuuck Phone Post 3.0

Ben didn't move his head at all, was just standing straight up in no man's land - he tried to clinch but Cote kept busy throwing short shots to the chin.

Ben tried to bring up a high knee but just got peppered. That fight wasn't even close, Cote looked better everywhere.