Bendo vs. Gil

Great fight but damn I'm starting to think they'll never gonna give Pettis a shot.

Do you guys think this is the fight that should happen first? Phone Post

well what sucks is if Cerrone beats Pettis, it will certainly take away the title shot

True. The fight was close enough I thought they might wait and see. Guess not. Phone Post

This is a wicked fight. Anyone from Caesar Gracie JJ vs Bendo and I'll watch. Phone Post

Bendo vs. Pettis I - had literally every aspect of MMA covered. They stood, grappled, etc.. You name it, it had it! I recall both men having near sunk in rear naked chokes. The whole fight was NUTZ!

So for those saying you wanna see a good match up. Look no further! I guess I'm just sick of Tony not getting his due. Phone Post

Bendo all the way