Benecio Del Toro = Arturo Gatti

I was noticing the other day how much Del Toro favors Gatti. He'd be a great pick to play Gatti if they ever make a movie about Gatti/Ward

well you aren't going to get any 5' tall actors to play those guys. Its Hollywood. As long as whoever they get for Ward is that tall it won't matter

please no. I can't stand that guy. Chris Penn used to be a boxer, btw.

no, I wasn't suggesting Chris, it was just trivia

Maybe Micky Rourke? I'd like to see someone cool get it, but Clint Eastwood is too old, and no one else immediately comes to mind. Clint might make a good Dick Echols (Micky's brother and trainer) though. Although he's too old for Dick too, but the age is closer

Maybe Micky Rourke could be Dick Echols. he's the right age. But we still need a Micky Ward

How about Kevin Spacey?

Whats wrong with Sean Penn? They could go like LOTR with the hobbits. When ever they need a shot of the referee or someone else who is supposed to be a different size, they have their heads turned away and use stunt midgets.

lol, I just don't like Shawn Penn as a person and would rather see someone else do it

How about Brad Pitt as Gatti


Eric Roberts as Mickey Ward (course if you are talking about tools he is pretty high on the list)

Sean Penn isn't that big and he has a Mickey ward kind of shnoz.

Pitt and Penn...I'm for it.

Fuck. Have each one play themselves. We can sneak in Gatti-Ward IV: This Should Never Have Happened.

Live on Pay Per View!!

(I'm retiring to become a

I think Mickey could actually play himself. I haven't heard enough Gatti interviews to know much about him, but Micky is very well spoken.