Benefit Seminar - Lakeland,FL 8-8-15

I'm a purple belt under Rafa Santos in Lakeland,FL . I have met a ton of the florida BJJ community through working NAGA tournaments as well as others. Rafa and some others have gotten together to put on a benefit seminar to help with the medical cost for my wifes disorder. Please do not hesitate to PM me with any questions and Thank you from the bottom of my heart for any that can attend or help.

Gi Seminar to benefit Andrew Kinchen wife Laura Kinchen. Laura suffers from Isaac Syndrome and her story can be found here:

Please email me the details of the seminar and I'll get it on and I'll put up some posts on FaceBook, Instagram, etc.

Been to two of Rafa 's seminars when he came to Edinboro University.
He is an excellent instructor.

If you get the chance please attend and help this cause. Phone Post 3.0


Thanks for any and all support.

I have also attended a few of Rafa's seminars and also had the chance to do a private lesson with him.

He is one of my favorite Jiu-Jitsu professors and he is a genuinely nice guy.

If you have the chance, you should attend. I will also be donating to the cause.

Thank you for this notification.


Thanks for any and all support.


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