Benji Radach vs. Chris Leben

Just read this on FCFIGHTER

Benji Radach on his prearations for the fight:

- "I've had a lot of obstacles," says Radach, "like a staph infection and I got bit by a brown recluse spider."

Does anyone else question why he's fighting under these circumstances?

I don't know if any of you know anything about brown recluse spiders, but they are seriously bad news.
A very common result is all damaged or infected tissue must be cut out.
I hope they caught it quickly because I have heard of people being bitten on the face and ending up having half of it cut out.
The bites can turn from bad to fatal extemely quickly.

The fact that he is even well enough to consider fighting leads me to think it must have been caught right away.

(I would sooner be bitten repeatedly by blackwidow spiders that once by a small brown recluse.)

On top of that, catching a staph infection alone can be bad news. Even the more common and less severe types like impetego(sp?)can sometimes mess you up and have a severe toll on the bodies over-all health for a period.

The article did not however give any time frame as to when these problems occured so it might not be as severe as it sounded, but I hope he isn't being stupid and letting his pride lead him into a fight that he should have backed out of.

Radach is a talented guy with a real future in the sport and I hope he isn't pushing himself beyond his limits.

On paper this should be an incredible fight, but under these circumstances, who knows?

Even Radach seemed unsure of himself, saying things like:
- "If he's going to beat me, this is the best time."

- "My body's so crazy right now, I'm actually really worried about how I'm going to perform strength-wise and stuff like that because I've had a lot hold me up."

Anyway, best of luck to both fighters.

Hey fisherman,

what do you fish for?

Benj fished up here in alaska with me.

J ak

Benj is just tough as nails. He is stepping up for Dennis. This was the fight, but Dennis got the UFC call.
TTT for both fighters. I wish I could see this one.