besides century,who for bulk gear?

Like kid's gi's and training equipment? Everybody seems to use century for the most part, so i'm looking for a little bit of a different product.

There are a bunch of lower - end companies out there. A few
that come to mind are Tiger Claw, Asian World of Martial Arts,
Choi Brothers.

If you want a company that can give you anything from
bargain pricing to very expensive, high quality gis, Shureido
(Ryukyu Ent.) out of Orange, CA would be worth checking
into. I use their REI Brand for entry level, and their K10 or
TK10 gis for myself and serious students. There are a few
drawbacks with them, though. It takes a bit longer for them to
ship things, and they can often be out of stock and it takes
them a long time to get restocked. They are very nice people
and I enjoy dealing with them. They have some training
equipment, too, but not as much as Century.



try asian world or ronin brand.

thanks for the replies Mr. Ettish and entryteam, i'll check 'em all out.

try masterline. very good price on gi's.

does masterline have a website?

Hello Glock4life,

FWIW fair prices good assortment good shipping charges..

Peace ST~

Fairtex is the shit....unless your doing Tai kwon do which is basically playing tag, and kinda gay. Fairtex is the best kickboxing gear in the world. Check it out.

Woldorf Enterprises has a good line of equipment.