Best App for iPhone?

I've been looking at some of the apps for the iPhone. Who can recommend the best for the costs? Phone Post

None? Phone Post

Kid Peligro, Roy Harris, Dave Camarillo, braulio estima. Phone Post


No love for iBJJ? Phone Post

Well iBJJ is my favorite, but I may be biased ;-)

massbjj - Well iBJJ is my favorite, but I may be biased ;-)

 iBJJ is, in my opinion, HANDS DOWN the best BJJ app for iphone.  Their unique approach to filming moves from multiple angles, and allowing the user to go "frame by frame" (with or without text instruction) , at whatever pace the user chooses, is unmatched by any other app.

Cant's say enough good stuff about this app -- and I have no connection to these folks other than I bought, used, and enjoy their app.

 Stephen Keisting has a great sweep app.

Hope I spelled his name right....

T-Ham -  Stephen Keisting has a great sweep app.

Hope I spelled his name right....

 I think it's "Kesting".  I have his (well one of them) apps.  As far as I know, his was one of the first, and in my opinion it was the standard all others had to live up to.  The one I have is good, and certainly worth the $4 or so.  The one I have is called "Step by Step Submissions".  

I personally still like iBJJ better just because of what it does, but Kestings is certainly a great option too.

Thanks guys! Will be getting a couple of these.

Sub Phone Post

Sub Phone Post

Any of these free? Phone Post

Morgz - 
massbjj - Well iBJJ is my favorite, but I may be biased ;-)

 and allowing the user to go "frame by frame" (with or without text instruction)

It's this feature that makes it so unique (as far as I know, correct me if there are other ones out there), and cinches it for me.

Along with moves added each update.

When's the next bunch being added too, if anyone's in the know

Roy deans triangle seminar is very good, aimed at whites and blues mainly but it's a good instructional on the position Phone Post

Ryan Dunphy -  Any of these free? Phone Post
I believe there are free versions of some of them.  I want to say the iBJJ has a stripped down / free version to try it out.  The paid version is $3.99 if I remember correctly -- I bought it pretty soon after it came out.  They have done a ton of updates and like FatFrenchFry posted, they have added a ton of moves.

FFF:  I bet MassBJJ knows when the next update will come out  ;)

The only thing I have not tried on iBJJ is the paid "wrestling for BJJ" techniques.  I keep hoping to try some sort of sample of it first -- hopefully they will do that at some point.

My iphone has no space left because of bjj apps. :)

Here's a few i have:

Roy dean's white belt bible (as it was free for a short while) - thought it was a nice polished product but a complete waste of time as an instructional... And has put me off buying his other apps. I did enjoy watching the belt exams though.

Stephen kesting's stuff - is good as a quick reference but is too basic.

Kid peligro's - I actually liked kid peligro's closed guard app. I thought it was a good way to conceptualize the closed gurd game and he does things a bit differently.

Xande ribeiro's app for passing the guard - is identical to the dvd series, but has been very useful to have as a reference on the go... A bit pricey at 15 dollars.

Andre Galvao's apps - i think these are the best apps. I have his apps on open guard, back and halfguard. They are also cheaper than buying the dvd as a set...

Rodrigo gracie - i think luke beston uploaded this. Not sure if its still on appstore but it was free. Basic instructional and I wouldnt pay for it. Phone Post

Yes we plan on continuing to add more techniques to iBJJ. I still have about 20 moves that are shot and cut but I have not added the text to yet. I just had a baby and opened a 2nd school so I have had the update on the back burner over the past few months. We are looking to add more wrestling to the wrestling for BJJ in app program. The guy that teaches the takedowns (Jimmy Quinlan) is a monster of a wrestler and over the past few years has won gold medals in the gi and no gi Pan-Ams and Mundials at Purple and Brown Belt.

I think there are a lot of great BJJ apps out there. To be honest, I am happy when someone else puts a good BJJ app out. The more "good" apps are out there, the more people are likely to keep buying them. I cringe when crappy apps get put out there as I think that these people will never buy another BJJ app again.

Thanks for the kind words guys!