Best art for pure kicking?

Having traned boxing since 13 and Muay Thai for a good while, I am interested in a TMA to enhance my kicks and add some unpredictability and another "look" for me to my kicking game.

I don't really know too much about TMA's but was considering TKD since they focus on kicking mainly and the school is ran and taught by a Korean champ who emphasizes sparring and is supposed to teach high level techniques.


since you've already got training in Muay Thai, yeah I'd say go for TKD for a different kind of kicking (although by WTF competition rules, all above the waist)

Hapkido and its off-shoots have pretty much TKD kicks, but used in more self-defense context (a good variety of low-kicks - depends on instructor though)

I'm biased, but Kyokushin Karate and its off-shoots (Ashihara, Enshin, Kudo, etc.) have good kicks, high and low, tested in full-contact competition

Northern Chinese styles also have good kicks with more emphasis on the circular types; Southern styles have sneaky short, low kicks, if you're interested in that

for "unpredictability and another look," there's Filipino Sikaran, French Savate, and Brazilian Capoeira

have fun

Thanks man, lots to choose from!