Best Athletic Tape for Judo

I never really use it but what is the best atheltic tape for Judo??

I actually use hockey tape.  It designed to still stick when wet (sweat) and never comes off.  Been using it for years in BJJ and judo.

OK I will check it out. Thanks.

I just used ordinary white athletic tape. I would buy 6 rolls at a time.  Figure eight above and below the knuckles on the 2 middle fingers. 

Yeah that's what I kind of thought but wondered if there was a specific brand I should be looking at.

You end up using so much tape that is why I used ordinary white athletic tape.  Most juodaks I have seen use the same.  In my above comment I taped the second and third fingers ( from the pinky) together above the knuckle, do a figure eight below the knuckle, then tape  both together and repeat the figure eight above and below  a couple of times.

Had you injuries?  Or was it just easier to tape your hand as a unit together?

Mostly preventative knowing those fingers take the most abuse. Some slight sprains.  But no major injuries.  At my level grip fighting isn't so big.  Concentrate more on getting the grip and throwing than breaking a grip.  When you look at Travis he always had tape on his fingers because of the grip breaking and overall physical play at that level.  Always taped the 2nd and 3rd fingers together(both hands)  in figure eight.above and below the knuckle so I had complete use of those fingers.

OK got you.  We do a lot of grip fighting and I find most schools don't focus on it.  Kayla Harrison had us do randori by switching partners every 30 seconds in a seminar. Some of the black belts weren't that good. My instructor said he beat people better than him because he out gripped them.

Others who I have talked to and trained at Pedro's have better gripping than anyone.  Harun and Tommy Mac trained at Pedro's and have exceptional gripping.  I always figured once you get your grip now what?  Better be able to throw.  

Yeah throwing from a grip is something we practice and a lot of people have trouble with it I find.