Best BJJ Gi

I have been out the bjj game for a couple of years, what are the best gi's out there nowadays?

I still love Atamas. Fit awesome, strong as hell and very reasonable prices.

I have an Atama right now, its a great gi...any others?

atama gold weave works for me.

Atama and Ouano

Quality and service is top notch!


Atama gold weave!


Machado Kimonos!!!!

Gotta be ATAMA

TTT with Atama!

I've only tried a few different brands, but I gotta go with Atama Gold too.

I have a 2 machados and 2 atamas. I love them all. I have been lucky to never have a bad experience with a gi.

I'd have to say Atama's are still probably the best value... Most comfortable gi I've ever had was a Krugen's, although I'm not sure how much these cost 'cuz it was a gift...

Atama and Koral

Atama single weave unbleached are awesome value and have lasted me for years.

I much prefer HCK to Atama. The Competition single is a great value.



Gameness Gold Weave, Howard Double weave, Single weave all about the same

Quanos are really comfortable.

Korals fit well and are strong.

Machados fit good, but mine wore out fast.

Krugans are good fit and strenght, lasted pretty well too.

Atama never could aford one. lol