Best BJJ tournament tapes/DVDs?

I'm looking into purchasing some BJJ tournament tapes and DVDs... I noticed some nice deals on, including a 4 hour DVD of the Pan American torunament from 2003.

I've seen tournaments before-- I like a variety of technique, aggressive competitiors; I like the fact the Pan Am 2003 DVD includes womens divisions.

Anyone with any recommendations? I've trained a bit in BJJ but I'm more of a fan.

Thanks for any help!


We have a few, but try for the most!

The CBJJO teams 2003 is awesome ( ), also 2003 World Cup of Jiu-Jitsu is pretty good, especially the absolute division ( ). Best fights of 2002 mundials from is pretty good as well. A lot of great matches can be found in team competitions 2000-2003 ( both CBJJ and CBJJO ). Probably the best tapes I have come from Rorian Gracie's website. The 2001 Mundial set is awesome ( also the 1999 set is pretty good ). You get 6 Margarida matches ( in the 2001 set ), many great final and semi final match ups.

I have over 80 tapes ( not including instructionals and seminars ), so I consider myself a bit of a junkie.

BJJ Tapes has a lot of good stuff and so does Plus there are so many free fights at, it is definitely a great place to visit. I like 101 subs and the new dvd from bjjtapes.

Thanks for all the advice.