Best boxing gym in the USA/world?

What are the best gyms in the country? World? If you could go anywhere in the USA where would it be?

Gleason's? Kronk?

LA! What about Midwest and East Coast?

How do gyms like Kronk and Gleason's rate?

Highly. Kronk is a great gym with a lot of standouts.

Johnny Taco's gym is a great and legendary place.

Johnny Taco's gym is a great and legendary place.

How about Gleason's?

Nacho Beristain's gym, hands down.

there's more than one.

the guys from the detroit kronk will come down to the dearborn kronk on saturdays.


The old Gleason's in Manhattan was great! The new Gleason's in Brooklyn is kinda like yuppie central,albeit a lot of good fighters still train there. The New York area is full of great clubs, past and present. The Morissania Boxing Club in the South Bronx produced Iran Barkley,Hector Camacho and Davey Moore.The Bed-Stuy Boxing Club in Brooklyn produced Riddick Bowe, Mark Breland and Michael Bentt.Starrett City Boxing Club in Brooklyn produced Monte Barrett,Dmitry Salita and Shannon Briggs. Gee, I could go on....This is NY Daily News Golden Gloves season! Always an exciting time for fans of amateur boxing. All the gyms in the city will be packed for the next few weeks!

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Thanks everyone!

Stillman's has got to be the all-time greatest.

Stillman's, Gramercy Gym, Times Square Gym, Izzy Zerling's, Connie's, Solar Gym, Bath Beach Boxing,...R.I.P! It's hard to believe that just about every neighborhood in NYC used to have a boxing club...those were the days!