best car for the BJJ lifestyle?

in the market for a new car. what is the best car for the BJJ lifestyle? i’m looking for something that’s classy but sporty too. something that looks nice but at the same time lets people know that i could choke them out if they mess with me.

i know gordon ryan drives a tacoma and keenan drives a tesla. those both seem like good cars for BJJ.

any other suggestions?



What matters is not the car, but the stickers and emblems on the car. Plus a solid license plate like "jitz-dad" everyone will know what's up. 

But if you must have a car that states your hobbies I suggest an old school vw bus. You can fit all your surfboards and get sleep in it too. 

I'm actually buying that new vw electric bus but not for bjj reasons, but because I need an electric vehicle and think of all the stickers I can slap on it

1990 mazda miata


I seriously used to drive my 1996 Mazda Miata to BHBJJ when I first started. However, the best jiu jitsu life car is, in fact, a crotch rocket. You gotta ride a motorcycle and snack on Acai if you are living the jiu jitsu life appropriately.

de braco - 

1990 mazda miata

Now that you mention it, I used to drive my 93 Honda Del Sol

I live in the south-bay area of L.A. and I can’t tell you how often I see giant Gracie Academy stickers on cars. All kinds of cars.

Tactically though, it’s probably best if you DON’T advertise what martial art you do, on your car.


Mazda Protege - it'll describe you the best.

Lets be honest here.

Windowless van.

Call it a mobile dojo

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Has to be a convertible in some kind of obnoxious color or finish and vanity license plates that include “jitz” in some fashion are mandatory. 

Old school or new school?

Old school

New school

^^^^^^Just some suggestions to lead you down the right path. 


get yourself a Hofstetter that runs on ethanol and bundas

VW golf 

83' VW rabbit cabriolet,(must be diesel)

1985 subaru brat with the jump seats in the bed

1974 Indian moped

the ultimate would be a 1976 mazda pickup with the rotary engine that sounds like a toddler beating an empty galvanized trashcan with a stick of rebar

the only right answer is a SmartCar

You know, technique and efficiency over size and power

Just like BJJ  

That’s deep. Bang that bongo daddio!

mideastgrappler -

the only right answer is a SmartCar

You know, technique and efficiency over size and power

Just like BJJ  

There was a guy at my old judo school that drove one. Guy was huge, 6'4ish & 250plus. Always felt sorry for that little car haha. 

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El Camino