Best Collegiate wrestler in MMA

You always hear that so and so is the best collegiate wrestler in MMA. Matter of fact this phrase gets thrown around a lot.

SO who actually is the top 5 collegiate wrestlers in MMA today?

How about in the History of MMA?

i assume by collegiate you mean amateur. Off the top of my head:

Dave Shultz
Jake Rosholt
Mark Coleman
Josh Koscheck
Cole Konrad
Kevin Randleman
Chael Sonnen

Cormier (best amateur)

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This thread is gonna be about as exciting as a brown cardboard box

Brock Lesnar

 So far, this thread isn't doing so well. If he said collegiate, I'll stick with collegiate.

Stephan Abas (3 time champ, 4 time all american)

Mark Schultz (3 time champ)

Jake Rosholt (3 time champ, 4 time all american)

Ben Askren (2 time champ, 2 time silver)

Johnny Hendricks (2 time champ, 1 silver, 4 time all american)

Cole Conrad (2 time champ)

Kevin Randleman (2 time champ)

Eric Larkin (1 time champ, 4 time all american)

Josh Koscheck (1 time champ, 1 silver, 4 time all american)


did not know cormier was fighting. awesome.


Cormier was a runner up to 4x undefeated champ Cael Sanderson.

These all sound about right.

Watch out for Lance Palmer. 4X All American from Ohio State. Recently moved to Sacramento, CA to start his MMA career with Team Alpha Male.

Thanks for coming through on this guys. Now when I hear an announcer say so and so was one of the best collegiate wrestlers I can look at these lists to see if the announcer is just blowing smoke or actually knows what he is talking about.

Shane Roller?

Duke Roufus - Shane Roller?

3-time All American for Oklahoma State.


Lance Palmer is BADASS!

Phil Davis was a national champ.