Best combination of skills for mma

Scale of 1-5 (1 being trained less than half year, 5 being a successful pro at given category)

Maximum allowed points 17, what combination do you think will yield the best MMA fighter





Marathon runner(cardio)

Running Sprinter(explosiveness)



for me i would think

BJJ: 3

Wrestling: 2

Boxing: 4

Kickboxing: 2

Marathon runner: 2

Sprinter: 3

Weightlifting: 1

Sprinting: 17

Let's see if the big guy can catch me now!

BJJ: 7

Wrestling: 4

Boxing: 3

Kickboxing: 1

Marathon runner: 1

Sprinter: 1

Weightlifting: 0

Not the BEST combination perhaps, but this is what I would be and I think it could work.

bjj=8 boxing=4 ...and you've got Mino...

I'm suprised you all are giving conditioning considerations such a low estimate on the list.

bjj-7 kickboxing-6 marathon runner cardio-4.