Best commercial EVER!!

Not sure if this has been posted here. Someone posted on a kung fu forum I frequent.


i think i just pissed my pants.

good one

where is that from??? is that an american commercial?

Damn, that's funny!

"where is that from??? is that an american commercial?"

no idea

I just watched that 3 times and I'm going to watch it again...That is some funny shit!

The main forum at

Thx. That is great.

Good stuff.

The ad is on Thai TV, it's a little
different, a bit more subtle, the final line is something like "If you're going
to do something, get the right advice so you do it right" then they show
the Pfizer logo and then the scene where the boxer won't go down...

Thais use a lot of humor in TV ads, often with boxing. There's another where
the ref says "fight", followed by furious action, only problem is their
beating up the's an ad for optometrists!

hilarious! I really like the part where the mouthpiece goes flying



He's covering his nuts while being hammered in the face!!!


LMAO- that was hilarious!



seriously, what the F was that?

it was funny none the less.