Best defense in boxing?

prime cus d amato trained tyson or prime floyd mayweather? Discuss.

With Tyson...the best defense was a good offense

you have to admit his peek a boo style and evasive defense was a thing of beauty

Mayweather.  Floyd can throw movement at you for 12 rounds. 

Gawd that sounds horrible.  I'm sorry, anything less than 15 rounds isn't a true championship distance.

Better defense - prime Nicolino Locche smoking cigarettes between rounds or prime Aaron Pryor drinking "Panama's Magic Elixer"?

Ryan MacLeod - I'm watching Floyd/Gatti on TSN right now.

lol @ the shot Gatti took with his hands down looking at the ref. I forgot about that.

That was classic! I always enjoyed watching Gatti

Prime Floyd has the better D. There have been times when he just stands right in front of the other guy and doesn't get a glove laid on him.

Tyson had very good head movement in his prime, but still got tagged a lot too.

pernell SWEET PEE whitaker had some slick ass defense.. but now i'd say maybe winky

Mayweather without a doubt.

any one know the ufc 75 salaries?

"""but now i'd say maybe winky"""

he has some good defense but not like Mayweather,,, ive seen several fights were guys find there mark on Winky notably his fight with Jermain.


What about Hopkins

The question posed is similar to asking whether Jessie Owens was faster than Fat Joe, no logical person with any knowledge of boxing would ever contend that Tyson's defense was even remotely close to being as good as Mayweather's.

""What about Hopkins"""

good call he's up there as one of the best defensive fighters but i would give Floyd the throne in that category.