Best. Email. EVAR.

Okay. Holy shit. I'm dying laughing here.

As some of you may or may not know, after Chris Magyar (who ran the Birmingham Sombo Club for nearly a decade) moved away, we (we being Leif, Steven, myself, and a bunch of the old Sombo club) moved the club to my place. I have a big unfinished basement, we had mats, we padded the walls, etc. Although we never put the cage in like Leif wanted (my wife was only letting this thing go so far).

ANYWAY, we shut the club down last year due to most of us trained at Spartan anyway. That being said, the old website is still up and I still get emails from people in regards to the club. I received the following this morning. Here it is, completely unadulterated:


My name is Steven and I train in Ninjitsu (traditional). I am a 10th degree camo belt.

I was referred to you by a group out of huntsville that trains in traditional Wing Chun Kunf Fu. We are hoping to come down soon and do a seminar for you. When would be an appropriate time. I do not charge for seminars, however, donations are appreciated.

I also attempted to contact Chris Magyar, as the last trip I made to Bham, I stopped by the Sombo club and the residence occupiers had no idea what I was talking about.

Thank you for your interest in the art of ninjitsu. I must say, please have only your best students attend, as this is a deadly art.


Steven Lane

10th degree Camo Belt - Sam Pai Ninja"

I thought about blowing him off, but then I realized I needed to appeal to the wisdom of the AL-UG in regards to my response.

stop trolling keith, as the MMA.TV AL Forum LEGEND, I call BS!

NOTE: Are you serious?

That shit is 100% real, I swear to God.

I woke up this morning and it was there, sitting in my inbox. I couldn't believe it myself. I just sat there and laughed for 5 minutes.

I bet that camo belt makes him hard to hit.

Man those guys are cool. I wish I were a ninja. Did you not see the science of martial arts on NG? Those guys have a death touch.

I forwarded this to Magyar and he received a similar email saying he's trained at all the elite schools in Birmingham already!

I guess that our school must not be elite as he has not even contacted me. But then again I am not in Birmingham so I guess that all you guys must not be elite. Yeah He must be getting in touch with me soon, then I'm gonna be a ninja too!

any more emails?