Best fight in UFC history?

WEC: Korean Zombie vs Leonard Garcia 

Diaz vs Daley

Watching ufc 187, I don't know how i forgot about Arlovskis v Browne, damn exciting fight.  It's about as wild as Kongo v Berry.

Doo Ho Choi vs. Cub Swanson for me

Diaz vs. Daley was incredible too, but not in the UFC. Nick vs. Gomi too.

Tank vs matua

Where is Condit vs Lawler? 

Or condit bs GSP. 

take out diaz/mcgregor 2 and put their first fight....that fight had so much more to it than the second


Frank vs Tito

Reebot - take out diaz/mcgregor 2 and put their first fight....that fight had so much more to it than the second

No way, second one was a way better fight

Lawler condit for sure, hell, even lawler vs Hendricks 1 was insane

Hughes Vs Trigg 2 and Sonnen Vs Silva. Coon flip.

Lauzon vs Miller

Eric Silva vs Matt Brown
Wand vs Brian Stann

Am I the only on that thinks Sanchez needs to fight Korean zombie 

Well prime Sanchez vs zombie would be the best fight of all time 

Tito-Ken was the most important UFC fight. 

Couture outstriking Chuck in their first fight was amazing. 

Chael-Anderson 1 was insane

Edgar-Griffin was great

Hughes-Newton 1 had the best ending. 

The lack of Karo vs. Diego Sanchez makes me sick.

SensoriaUtopia - 

Still can't believe OP made the thread and did not put Condit Lawler,


And like 8 Robbie Lawler fights could be a candidate, and I think Condit Lawler blows Rory vs Lawler any of of their multiple flights, out of the water


There is no right answer, this is a subjective thread, but I think Condit Lawler might just be the greatest fight ever, Lawler clearly beat Rory and finished him, Condit Lawler was the perfect draw, as even as a fight can ever be, amazing from rd 1 to 5, I still think Condit barely edged out Robbie, actually 18 of 22 media agree with me

OP didn't make the thread based on OP's opinions.

OP stated that the thread is based on ESPN's poll of fans, and the list of fights was generated by ESPN.


With that lineup of "greatest fights", they should preface by saying "greatest fights selected by people watching mma since TUF"

Ice man and axe muderer by far for me