Best FINALE yet ???

im sure this is what the UFC was aiming for when they first started putting on these fianles and fight nights

the night flowed great

6 or 7 very good fights

with the exception of Manny getting hurt ofcourse, noone wants to win like that, as im sure Nate didnt...but shit happens and now Nate is the TUF winner

Bj redeems himself vs Jens, and looked very good doing so

all in all, a great night of fights

I read somewhere that Hughes-Serra fight will not be on the TUF Finale...There going to do that fight on a UFC PPV in Jersey

You mean Maynard lying about laying on Emerson?

great fights I say 155 is best division in all of fighting.

Probably the best finale, but still kind of dissapointing overall. Shitty ending to Diaz-Manny, the Gray-Emerson thing was just a disgrace, and I was bummed Jens lost. But it was a good night of fights, with plenty of undercard action. Would have liked to see Wiman and Garcia though.

Great finale. They didn't even advertise "Stacked" that much.

THis was by far the best IMO!!! UFC just keeps getting better and better.

Cummo/Stevenson, Rashad/Imes, and Diego/Diaz was the best finale.

it was good...but too many mismatches, Dana and sivla want to throw away the cans, it sucks when you know who's gonna win each fight almost.

I still like the Diego vs Diaz main event the best, but this was the best overall finale show

Didn't BJ and Jens receive cars or anything?

gotta give it up to the ufc, a 3 hr finale - which was all free. with the exception of the manny/nate fight everything was pretty damn entertaining. i wished the penn/pulver fight was a little more competitive but its also cool to see penn at 155 doing what we all sort of thought he was capable of.

pete sell - scott smith... greatest of all time... nuff said.