Best Grappling and Striking Coaches for MMA?


Shawn Tompkins or Mark Dellagrotte for Striking

And I'd Say Randy Couture for MMA Grappling.

Drew man, if you went to Extreme Couture for any amount of time, I think it would do you an extreme amount of good.

Rolling and Sparring with the guys they have there on a regular basis and you would be top 10 LW in the world within 12 months.

And that's the God's Honest Truth.

Find the one that believes in you..

 Shawn Tompkins, im sure would love to have you. Number one striking coach....Rebuilt Vitor....Robert Drysdale has some tight jitz....ACS for wrestling

Dave Camarillo and Javier Mendez at AKA

Grappling - Greg Jackson

Striking - Howard Davis Jr.


TrainJudo hit it on the head....find smart people who will stick with you
through thick and thin.

Greg Nelson for all

grappling for MMA: Andre Pederneiras, bar none.

striking for MMA: Lally bros or Howard Davis Jr.

striking- neal rowe and rob radford

ground - carlson jr

 No votes for Hallman as a grappling coach? 

Striking: Bas Rutten, Shawn Tompkins

Grappling: Mario Sperry, Murilo Bustamante, Ricardo Liborio

Chris Reilly and Eddie Bravo

You all fail !!!!!

the answer is sooooo obvious!!!




 Royce Gracie for striking, Art Jimmerson for grappling


Bill is a superlative striking coach.