Best instructional DVDs???

Hey all. I'm in the market for some submisson grappling DVDs. I want something I can progress through with my 13 year old son. Going to standard classes with him is not an option, as he does other sports that take up his time depending on the season. I've got a gym with mat space at home to work in.

He has very good wrestling skills/knowledge, so I'm thinking that entry level no-gi would be best.
It's been quite awhile since I was in the market for JJ instructionals. I have the M.Jen series from way back in the day (VHS) and a few other odds and ends.

Is there an appropriately biased review site I can check out?

Thanks in advance. has great reviews with nice diagrams of the technique organization.

Can view videos right from your computer

There are a lot of good dvd's out.

For No gi-
Saulo's Freestyle Revolution has a lot of good stuff.
Mike Fowler's No Gi made easy

Robert Drysdale Nth Dimenstion BJJ (great back attacks)
Marcelo Garcia Series 3

very good gi sets with a lot of no gi carryover IMHO
Carlos Machado's Infinite Jiu Jitsu
Saulo Ribeiro Jiu Jitsu Revolution 1