best LHW fighter is


Ok, yes he lost to Silva, but lets not take that fight as a true account of what rampage can do. There is no fighter in the world that could have taken the shots he took from chuck, then later that night take 25 knees and smile.

Rampage can beat Silva in a rematch, he can beat vitor, he can beat arona, he can beat couture, he can beat tito. He beat the shit outta lidell and randleman.

Yes Couture is a better wrestler, but couture is going to take some major punishment in that fight. it wont be like it was when he fought tito or lidell.


um, Jackson said he was real lucky to win that fight

Busta beat Quinton, and so did Sak. He's not the top at 205, sorry

I'm afraid I'm going to have to correct you there, Randy Couture is the world no 1 at 205



Busta almost submitted Rampage several times, and was landing the cleaner punches on their feet. It was a VERY close fight.

Randy sold his soul to become unstoppable at 205.

Don't you ever say that Rampage is the best LHW when Silva made him look like he didn't even belong in the top 10! You sir are full of it!


W/out a doubt Randy..No fighter is smarter or more determined than Couture at that weight class.

DROC is correct.

I think Randy is a level above everyone else in that division, including Silva, Belfort and Rampage. Of course he can be beaten, but I have him as favourite against every LHW I know of.

"And he had a very close fight with a middleweight(Bustamante)."

The first round was close and Rampage nearly got submitted. After that Rampage was the only one doing any damage, no matter how "crisp" Murilo's punching was. Busta was dropping to the ground every time Rampage landed a big punch in order to avoid more punishment. The next time he went for a sub he got nailed in the face for his trouble. Also, Murilo arguably beat Liddell, and I think he would sub Randy.

As for ducking Silva at the rematch, if you had one shot at the title, would you take it one month after fighting twice in one night, one of those being a TKO loss by a dozen or so knees to the chin, on a PPV that wouldn't even be available outside Japan, on a show that would be outshone by a K-1 match between Sapp and a Sumo?

I think Silva's #1 at 205, but Rampage could be the man if he wins the rematch. I would like to see Randy against other kinds of fighters before making the concrete claim that he's the best. The sad fact is that the UFC has 4 LHWs, and I think there are about 2 submission wins between them.

"I would like to see Randy against other kinds of fighters before making the concrete claim that he's the best."

That may be kinda true, but unlike Silva, Randy has faced TOP competition EVERY SINGLE fight as both a HW & LHW.

so you guys think that if rampage and silva rematched today, it would be the same fight??? Silva will get his ass pounded bad. Silva cant even come close to stopping rampages takedowns. And It will take about 25 of Silvas best shots to put rampage down. And we all know that Silva has a "suspect" chin, Rampage will exploit that.

FUTURE best LHW: JHapanese sensation Kengo Ura of rAw

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Randy Couture.

He beat Ortiz, Lidell, Belfort, Rizzo, Rendleman and only ortiz was able to go the distance with him.

RANDY "THE NATURAL" COUTURE. No doubt about it.

"Silva made him look like he didn't even belong in the top 10!"

last time i checked quinton was ruling silva until the questionable standup