best martial art to learn good footwork?

Hey guys, just wanted your thoughts on this issue. What's a good martial arts to start training to learn good footwork?

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Zo han Do

Boxing, by far,

Traditional Muay Thai is lacking for the simple reason that so much of the game consists of you waiting in front of your opponent while you trade let kicks. Its essentially a more intense version of tag you're it.

My suggestion, try to find a boxing gym of sorts - OR if there's a more Dutch based kickboxing gym go for that - Durch styled muay Thai is the most effective.


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 Boxing and Kickboxing

AussieMayhem - Taekwondo

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riverdance kwon do

Dong Johnson - Anderson Silva - TKD


Machida - Karate

Anthony pettis - TKD
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AussieMayhem - Taekwondo

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hahaha winner!

I have studied and taken lot of martial arts classes and seminars some a lot more than others, but these include a mixed style of american karate,tang soo do, tae kwon do, shotokon, tai chi, muay thai, japanese jiu jitsu, BJJ, Judo, wing chun, and boxing.

Honestly fundamental boxing movement is a must for striking (boxing is also one of the last classes I had learned and until I learned it I had always felt an insecurity and uncertainty while sparring). It really is the fundamental base. Small movements that allow you to move in on someone and also get out of harm. It also teaches a lot of really practical and basic timing, rhythm, and distancing. Stuff which seems so basic that it is amazing how hard it is to figure out the basics. My skill level at boxing is very remedial, but learning just a little really improves your confidence level when you start mixing it up with other stuff. Only problem with boxing is you have to find a school that has a boxing instructor who understands you do not necessarily want to get in a ring, but will still teach you the real basics. Otherwise you will get either get lit up in a real boxing gym or you will end up going to a useless fitness boxing class which is a mix of cardio boxing with lousy technique heavy bag hitting.

A good Judo school is a great for a relaxed pose and rhythm while learning how to trip and throw. I am just starting to figure this part out right now. Now remember thare are different types of judo schools. Try to find one that does footwork drills that are geared to competition. The more traditional schools will often do more static partner drills.

Once you learn these types of footwork with the rhythm and distancing, you can really throw people off by using other techniques from other systems. I have learned how to modify the sidekicks I learned into this footwork, and it really fustrates people when I spar them. The Thai roundhouse and front kick is of course a necessity in anyone s arsenal.

I will add that a lot of the other more traditional martial arts teach a lot of really explosive forward and backward movement. They also teach some pretty good lateral movement to really and completely get out of the way of something coming at you. These motions tend to be full commitment moves that you use your entire core body in. In a way in a self defense standpoint against a relatively untrained person it makes sense. Completely get out of the way and try to fully commit to finishing the person. Only problem is sometimes things are not so clear cut and perfect and you need some time figure things out and that is when footwork and a little head and body movement gives you a little time especially when you are sparring. Some of these movements can actually come in handy, especially when you are catching a kick and are moving in to trip or punch them.

I ask myself, who has the most effective footwork in mma. I come up with Machida and GSP. Karate ftw Phone Post

Greg Jackson's Gaidojutsu. Just look at Condit vs Diaz and Guida vs Maynard to see it in action.

Western boxing

Filipino Kali... the art is based around footwork, timing and rhythm

Honestly any stand up style will teach you good footwork. Its how good technique is used.

IF you wanted to be truly unique. You know who has the best foot work out of everyone? Pointguards in basketball. They can ankle break and take people down with just footwork alone. They don't even have to touch you to make you fall flat on your ass with their jab steps, their cross overs and fake outs. So if you really wanted "good" footwork, play the one and become a point guard

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Dong Johnson - Anderson Silva - TKD


Machida - Karate

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