Best MMA fighter in PR???

Ok this is purely to get some discussion going on this dam forum. Please dont start a flame war cause somebody does not think your buddy is the best. Just give your opinion and ther reason for it.

So I post the question aggain...

Who do YOU think is the best MMA fighter in Puerto Rico? (any weight class)

come on guys I know we can get a decent thread going


Sorry danny I dont have a clue who is the best MMA fighter in puerto rico. But I was wondering if you can give me more info about bjj in san juan or carolina like time, days, address etc. Do you train in Bjj?

                      Javier Ramos

p.s. We could be related. lol


LOL It's posible Javier although there are plenty of Ramos in PR. My family is mostly from Mayagues originaly but my dad was born in Brookling and I was born in Santurce. Im a 2.5 year yellow belt (the dam thing is almost white aggain, lots of time wasted to injuries and life stuff) judoka. Have trained SOME formal BJJ thoug and rolled with a lot of BJJ'ers. Im also into boxing and train NHB when the oportunnity precents itself. Any how the carolina guys as I said is the best school. They train almost ever evening, I think starting at 7pm. Like I said they are really good. Also their coach teaches in Budokai in se?orial twice a week, where you can also get really good judo instruction another two times a week. Well rounded gi gralpling program there if you take advantage of it.

Wherent you in arecibo thoug. Down there I really dont know anybody.

any how take care, email me when you are down here if you want.


Fuck I wrote a whole answer and it disapeared.

Anyway here are the clif notes.

A) I have trained very little BJJ but have rolled with a lot of the local guys.

B) Best club is the carolina Behring club (they train almost every evening), their coach also teaches in Budokai in se?orial twice a week there is also judo there twice a week wich is very good.

I believe you said you where staying in arecibo , I really cant help you in that part of the island, although I know some of my buddies from the bayamon judo club train, mma and wrestling in that area, I'll ask them.

any how email me when you are down here if you want


This fucking site is going nuts, it apears as if there are 5 post on this thread and I can only read two. On Sunday I made two post on it and I have no idea where they are.

Javier , please email me
I have no idea if you are gonna get any of the info I write on here or not.

gool luck

if someone says Luis Laboy i will hunt you down and beat you senseless

TTT for fellow Ramos'

Here I am. What's up??

Dont worry Nelson I dont think anybody that has seen him fight MMA will say that.


carajo...thank you Danie...