Best MMA Instructional DVD's?

What are the best MMA instructional DVD's for someone who is new to MMA and wants to develop a solid foundation? I have been looking at the Tito Ortiz DVD's from Island and the Mario Sperry DVD's. Could anyone comment on these two? Also, if there are any other good sets please let me know. I am kind of leaning toward the Tito DVD's but I want to hear others' opinions before purchasing them.


for stand up training in regards to MMA, you could consider our new DVD "San Da Punching and Clinching"

Material covered includes

1. boxing drills

2. "violin shoulder" when clinching

3. proper neck clinch vs jab

4. "super man" defense

5. five knees from clinch

6. walking knees

7. front body lock vs neck clinch

8. knee sweeping variation

9. can opener vs body lock

10. can opener and pummel inside

11. whizzer, knee block, pancake, etc series

12. head inside vs jab

13. head inside clinch details, chair throw, etc

14. leg block to rear

15. hip throw to front

16. human disassembly throw

17. head lock defense

18. elbow shield to body clinch

19. slipping knee in 50/50 clinch

20. shouldering

21. spurring

22. cracking takedown

23. tomahawk takedown

24. outer reaping takedown

25. head and arm throw

26. Russian single leg

It is $34.95, $5 US shipping

Order the DVD on line (Pay Pal) (just click here)

Send check or money order payable to

"CSH Martial Arts"

336 W 37th Street, 5th Floor

room 501

New york, NY 10018 USA

credit card orders can call (212) 239-8619

"human disassembly throw"

Something about this makes me VEEERY NERRVOUS...

Seriously, it sounds like a good vid, I will be in touch.

sperry is awesome

TTT for more info on the "human dissasembly throw"

I haven't heard any feedback on the Tito series yet, should I assume it's not worth speaking of?

heh heh, you'll just have to buy the DVD to find out :)

Bas has a new set coming out this Feb. Also, Greg Nelson
(trained Sherk, Menne, Kohler and many Muay Thai champs) will have a set coming this year. His "Clinch" set is available now and is awesome.

You can pre order Bas' set for $100 and get his bachelor party DVD free on

Greg Nelson's stuff is also very good... that is, I agree, it's good...