Best MMA Suppliments

i normally dont take many suppliments but i just started dating a girl whos family owns a suppliment shop...basicially she said i could have any suppliment i want for free so i was just wondering what the best ones for submission wrestling/mma were.

preferably a good cardio and or strength suppliment would be good.

Store up on the Glucosamine Chondrotin, you will need it for sure.. If you can get some protien that will save you some good money as well...


damn right about the emergen-c's 1000 milligrams of vitamin c in one packet through way of mineral absorbates

Emercen-c is good for your immune system, but doesnt have any protein. But, the C in it will help you stay healthy.

During intense excercise of 30-45 minutes your immune system will drop to approx. 50-60% for a couple of hours. If you combine training with little sleep, and insufficient food intake your chances of getting sick skyrocket, and all that work you put into cardio goes out the window.

Glutamine is a nother great supp., it helps boost the immune system and regenerate torn muscle fibers.

The other big supp. that most people neglect is a multi-vitamin. Its the most basic thing out there, but people will spend hundreds of dollars on creatine and andro, but wont fork out $15 for a multi.

Here is a post I made in the Strength and Conditioning forum a while back on the supplements I take that allow me to train 6 days a week - twice a day.

Ok the general vitamin supplement is just that - for an overall health. Just go to any health store and ask of anything called super once a day or something.

I take the essential fatty acids for fat metabolism control. I think they help get your body to use fats and cholesterol in a controlled manner so you're not bouncing up and down too hard in weight. Look for something with Omega 3,6 and 9 but more of 3.

Tribulus gets your body to PRODUCE testosterone to its fullest potential. READ: Tribulus isnt a hormone rather it stimulates your body to produce more testosterone to its fullest potential. I had NO side effects you hear about with steroid usage. They work best for me if I take it just before and just after my workouts. Its a good idea to invest in one of the better brands out there - they should also have Avena Sativa in them with other stuff as well. Just make sure you read whether or not it has Zn added in... more on that later.

ZMA claims to help you to produce testosteroune in higher amounts, but the main reason I take it so I can get some QUALITY SLEEP. Remember, you build muscle while you are sleeping, not while awake. And I dont take any one those separate Zn or Mg stuff for 2 reasons. One, they often have Calcium in them which is quite laughable because it interferes with the absorbtion of the said minerals, and two, ZMA has Magnesium and Zinc in proportions that were proven to maximize absorption.

I take a pill of antioxidants (should have vit E and C, beta-carotene, selenium, etc) before workouts. I was told by Pat Miletich that it improves your cardio. It makes me feel more awake when I take them, especially if I take it before a morning workout where I havent eaten yet.

I take those Swical Energy Vials that have ginseng and ginko in it just before my workouts. If you know who Ivan Menjivar is; he is the one who recommended this to me and well this guy has one of best cardio I have had the fortune to experience.

You could add a glucosamine/chondratoin sulfate supplement in there if you have joint problems. Joint fuel is a reliable choice as is GLC 2000 which Ortiz uses.

Finally there is glutamine powder. If you will take only one thing that is referred to as a supplement because you want to be able to consistently train hard without feeling that sorness the next day then this is it. Glutamine is the most abundant amino acid in the body and you only need to take 10g a day so you wont necessarily get fat from it if you were to take protein. Actually, glutamine has been also proven to improve your immunity. Ironically, athletes dont have the best immunity because they generally have lower fat stores than most and an immunity boost is important to a person like me who likes to do jogging and sprints outside in the winter time up here in Canada.

Now, I mentioned earlier that you should watch how much Zn you are ingesting a day. Different studies conflict but if you take too much of it then there is a risk of kidney toxicity. I think its safe to limit your Zn intake to 100mg/day (500mg/day is definitely risky). Your main source of it should come from the ZMA. Ofcourse the general vitamin pill will have it too. But, be sure to read the labels on those other supplements I recommended, particularily the Swical, Antioxidants and Tribulus.

Notice that I did not recommend creatine or protein. This aint a body building supplement list, its more of a different type of training. Ofcourse if you are looking to gain weight then you could add protein (not sure about creatine though), but then again just make sure to eat alot of proteinaceous foods. Also, notice I did not mention effedrine or any other heart modulators. They are risky to use in my opinion.
Hope this was helpful.

Take care.


I drink a met-rx shake each day as a meal replacement, along with weight lifting everyday. I'm actually trying to lose weight and build muscle, Protein shakes dont make u gain weight do they?

roids are good.

Actually for fighting you don't want the bloat that comes with deca, test cyp and Dbol. What you do want is the strength and agression with little or no bloat (ie weight gain). Here is a basic safe combo. Just make sure to have post therapy, clomid/novaldex, (anti estrogens)on hand when the cycle ends.

Reccomend a short (6 week) cycle with fast acting esters . Fast into and out of the body.

Test Propionate and Test Phenylpropionate (200mg eod)

Trenbolone Acetate or Trenbolone Enanthate (75mg eod)

The best supplement for MMA period is Immune26 and Immune Support from Biochoice. 2 former UFC'ers and one former K1 fighter along with many other pro's all agree. Unfortunately, it is also one of the most unknown. If you want to know about, I am sponsored by one of the companies distributors. He can be contacted via email at