Best Muay Thai Books for a Novice

Any opinions? Experiences?

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Khun Kao

So I'm guessing the Muay Thai book market is pretty thin?

Any books you favor Mr. Kao, or are videos pretty much the only way to go?

Well, I obviously recommend the book listed on the website provided. (I helped write it)

There is another Muay Thai textbook called "Muay Thai, the Distinguished Art of Fighting"

There is also "Muay Thai Dynamite"

Those are the three that I have seen and read. There are a few other Muay Thai texts floating around, such as "Mai Muay Thai", and a relatively recent text which is supposed to be really good, but I've forgotten its title... :(

I'll do a little bit of research to see if I can find the titles of the other books...

Khun Kao

There are a few of the books I mentioned listed on this web page. The 1987 text by Master Chai is not the one I was thinking of. There was one that was recently published that is supposed to be really good.

Khun Kao

WWW.MARTIALARTSSUPERMARKET.COM has an incredible selection of Muay Thai books. I have all the ones on that site, and I also just received my "Textbook of Pahuyuth" from There was a thread on here before that had some PDF files 7 chapters to be exact of Muay thai stuff..that's great. I think Khun Kao helped write that one also. Master K's book is a great choice, nice pics and descriptions of techniques.

Thanks for the help everybody! Your the man Khun Kao!

So if I was to get one book, ideally in the 20 dollar range, which one would you guys lean to?

I believe you can get Thai Boxing Dynamite at Amazon for 16 bucks, if you want to start there.

Yeah I know class is the best place to learn, but I would like a good suplement I can bring to my classes and especially when I work out on my own.

So Im trying to find a good book for reference.

So is Thai Boxing Dynamite the way to go or what?

Honestly, the way to go is with Master K's book. Its a little bit more expensive than you were looking for, but as someone else stated, it covers all the basics with easy-to-follow directions (in most cases, that is)

My 2nd choice would be "Mai Muay Thai", if you can find it.

3rd choice would be "Muay Thai, the distinguished art of fighting"

4th choice is "Thai Boxing Dynamite", even though its the least expensive.

OK, so whats the name of Master K's book again so I can look for it on

Thanks so much for all the help everybody!

Alright so I ordered Master K's book from I guess the order goes thru some "honor system" at

Any idea when I should expect my book Mr. Kao?

I bought Master K's book from they had it in stock, and I received it in 2 days. It costs the same as ordering from Master K's site.


No, I don't know how long it will take for you to receive your order. You can call the phone # provided to speak with Master K. He can probably give you a general idea. But I imagine that you should have your book within a weeks time, providing there is no hold up with your payment or anything (I don't know how you paid, of course)

Khun Kao

Check this website also. This is a more expensive book, but looks like its REALLY GOOD! I'm interested in knowing if anyone has purchased it, and if so, what do you think of it?

Khun Kao

pitsaporn is cute and has a great name. especially the last part of it. i'm just wondering how well it would be written from the perspective of some one who doesn't seem to have any real experience training in it.

what ever happened to pahuyuth's book that he was working on? last thing i saw was his article in a martial arts mag.

ok, ill let u guys know what i think when i get the book.

thanks again for the help