Best MySpace Message of this fight

Retards watch spike too I see.

 Wow. Priceless.

 i need a smiley now

I'm not your pal, buddy!

Seriously, what was up with those heel hooks? I was wincing every time Joe started twisting on that ankle, but Florian was as laid back as if he was sitting in a La-Z-Boy watching the tube. Does he have rubber legs or what?

Crooklyn -
LOL, that was gold!!

nope, Platnum !! ...what a tool that guy is. sheesh!

"It might make you feel like a real bigshout at the local grocery store, but that don'y mean shit to the road warriors"


Well Joe, I hope you make the right choice like Donnie said. He likes ya and wants ya to succeed or he wouldnt be tellin ya this in the first place. Forget about it!

your still the man pal!!!!!!!

bluedragon - I'm not your pal, buddy!

i'm not your buddy, friend

Come on pal.

Pretty funny..


what a jackass

Its Donnie Walburg from Boston!!

That guy offered Creepy some good advice despite his perhaps unintentional condescending attitude.

Kind of amazing how simple some people are, whoever sent you that message probably had a prostitute as a mother and has no social skills other than fantasizing about imaginary ideas in is head, even if its a troll job the dude is a total fucking loser. Joe you have a lot going for you and its refreshing to see a guy like you that laughs at this shit and shares it with us for our enjoyment,.Class....Some people have it, a lot of people think it's 4th period english.Good luck to you Bra.

cleary Johnyy Depp is am uch bigger mma fan than I thought. Joe "Pal" Lauzon

 Wow, sorry you have to put up with this type of crap

Fuck that guy Joe. What a wierd motherfucker... whats with pal every other sentence. wierd!

Remember Joe, a lot of people anonymously saying how awesome you are over the Internet cancels out one guy saying you suck over the Internet. Or...does it?