Best MySpace Message of this fight

----------------- Original Message ----------------- From: Donnie Date: Apr 6, 2008 4:21 AM Hey pal, Me and the crew tuned in to catch that fight the other night pal. You had a mean look on, but ya found out that it takes more pal. Ya got to remember to not let your head get too big pal. You don't have many fights pal, so you got to keep more grounded until you do. Sometimes people get a little swelled up in the head when they see little articles in their local news, and they forget that they haven't done anything special yet... they get fooled into thinking that they are hall of famers, when there are literally hundreds of thousands that have done a lot better before. You look like you have decent potential, but you don't have many fights. You should look to the guys that have have a ton of fights. Weather it's wrestling, boxing, mma or whatever. Those are the guys that have been able to do something that you've done for a short while, but they've been able to endure for a long while. Thode guys are the real warriors. They've been through what you've been though, only several, several, several times over. You were able to escape some, and even get on top. But you didn't land ANYTHING. Nothing. When you were able to lock the ankle, you were used to guys submitting, but your opponenet was in familiar territory, it was nothing he hadn't dealt with before. So it didn't effect him even a little. Find the veteran fighters, learn from them. Like I said, don't get too big on yourself because you get some local recognition. It might make you feel like a real bigshout at the local grocery store, but that don'y mean shit to the road warriors. They go out time and time again, and they don't care about getting a slap on the back from some little market customers. You have to make a choice now.... be a hero at the local tavern.. and barber shop. Or be a real warrior.... who doesn't care about having some 55 year old guys looking at you like youre a God at the gas station in Massachusetts. We like ya though pal. So make the right choice.

ttt pal

 You suck. This guy clearly should of been in the main event instead.

 Cocain is a helluva drug.

 Road Warriors!


Stop being a bigshout at the grocery store pal.

Thats right pal.

Donnie = Troll name

Joe re-read it, its a troll I think. The mispelling was spacing out and looked like a troll.

Either way its funny, prolly a good 8/10.

 LMAO at that letter.  If only you knew that you needed more fights and better people to train with.  But at least that guy and his buddies like you.  He even called you Pal... so I suppose you'll be alright Joe.

 I noticed he said pal several, several, several times!


I really hope U pay attention to that guy, Joe. He seems to be a good pal.

What a dick.

 how that fark does that guy think he can lecture joe?!?!

 I hope he doesn't get lots of messages from people on here....

whether it's a troll or not there i wouldn't write it all off

lol@weather, my fav part

You've gotta be fuckin' kidding me...

"whether it's a troll or not there i wouldn't write it all off "

he shows himself

 Fuck BJ Penn, go learn from a SUCCESSFUL veteran of MMA.  I was tired of seeing your face in Time Square N.Y. anyway.

*back slaps baby joe. thanks for an awesome fight, pal!:))