Best Of ADCC #1 is back in stock!!


Okay, okaaaaaaaay!

I heard ADCC 2003 leaves out many important matches of some of the best guys, is this true?

Also, someone posted a link to a site the other day that was selling it for 80 bucks as opposed to a hundred...does anyone know where that was?

How is vol 1?

Never mind my first question...I just went to your original url, and see it has a list of fights...and it sells for $90.00 instead of a the bonus DVD.

Uno vs J.J Machado was worth the price of Best of Vol 1

No, I do not have any affiliation with I am just a huge fan of ADCC and I have been looking for this DVD for the past two years...I am extremely excited that it is finally available again.

anyone order the adcc 2003 set from fightworld? i pre ordered it and haven't received it. i've emailed them 3 times w/ no response.


hmmm..keep updating about that.

I have always had nothing but good service from, I am sure you will receive your ADCC 2003 DVD set soon.

yeah i've ordered from them in the past as well, w/ no problems. just weird not to get any email responses.

When I first saw this post, I promised myself I wouldn't get "Best of #1" because of (1) the price and (2) the fact that I still have the ADCC 2003 DVDs to continue watching. Needless to say, my resolve didn't last very long . . . I just ordered!!! :(

they list 7 matches on the website, are they the only matches shown on the video?

Bes of Vol #1 has Tito vs Sato

TTT for Jeff putting out #1 again



I received my copy of "Best Of ADCC Volume 1" in the mail today from and it is AWESOME!

TIMMY, i just got mine today too.

still waiting for my pre-ordered ADCC 2003 set.

redwhiteandblues try calling them on Monday. Their phone number is (812) 459-4951. I hope this helps. Did you get a chance to watch it yet? I jumped out of my seat during the Arona/Barklev match.

yeah i noticed their phone # on the package. i'll try to call them tomorrow.

i watched, mach v. ricco & jean jacques v. uno

great to see mach winning that one and seeing JJM roll w/ uno

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