Best offensive striker off back

First thought was tony.

Then I saw someone mentioned kenflo. Fuck yea he was a beast on his back.

Damn I remember this but cannot remember the specific opponent.

If Nathan “Carnage” Corbett had decided to go the mma route I think he would’ve been high on the list.

Yeah I couldn’t remember the dude he beat, it was one of those fights no one ever mentions, but one of maybe 10 fights in MMA where my jaw was on the floor. Couldn’t believe I was seeing someone dominating from the bottom with the guy on top essentially helpless, I was praying the judges got it right because they don’t like the guy on bottom whatever is happening usually.

I tried tagging Ben to give a bit more insight if he could, there’s a ton of variations on KillaB on here though and I’m old and can’t remember his exact name on here. Would be interesting to hear his thoughts on that fight and if he’s drilled the rubber guard a lot in training or if it just kinda happened


First name that came to mind.

I’ve always thought Kenny has the nastiest elbows we’ve ever seen. Vividly remember him cutting some dude open with a standing elbow and putting his hands up in the air knowing he’d just caused a fight stopping cut. Always helps to have em on your back