Best on line MMA store?????

Tis the season, and it's time to do some shopping.

Who have you bought items (gear, t-shirts etc) from on line and what was your experience?

I got screwed over by ChinChek for almost $50, so I wouldn't recommend getting anything through them.

Did they not ship?

this is probably obvious, but i really like combat sports. good prices, great selection, amazing customer service / return policy.

Nope, never shipped my shirts. I got in contact with a guy that does buiness with them and he assured me that he would send my stuff to make it all good with me, but that was all bullshit also. best service i have had

I've had good experiences with koral has some cool new shirts

ships fast and accurately

I'm gonna do some shopping  and will post my opinions after.

I like They have a really good selection in that there aren't a lot of filler items that don't interest me in their inventory. I would buy every single item in their catalogue if I could.

i second superfast shipping (when in stock) and CB is just a
kick ass dude

First round...

Brazilianfightwear is pretty good. We'll see if I get what I order.

Nogi is nogi. easy site, seem professional.

Matbattle has a personals page. No thanks,..

Combat sports has EVERYTHING. Great for gear.


Can I plug my store on this thread?

Budo has good stuff, the site checkout was janky.

62gear - Not a ton of stuff.


Sherdog and Budovideos I have had a lot of success with

I heard Konjo is pretty good.