Best P4P Fighter in MMA???

What are your thoughts??

I say BJ PENN, he beat former p4p king and actually went up in weight to fight him. For me, that made him the present p4p leader of the sport.


hendo, penn, fedor

Silva, Penn, Henderson

Penn doesn't qualify. Couture, Vanderlai, Bustamante, Pequeno are close.


hard to stay on top for long.


Vandelerlei Silva then Penn

BJ Penn... no doubt about it...

BJ Penn... no doubt about it...

BJ Penn... no doubt about it...



Penn without a doubt - anyone who thinks otherwise is on crack!

penn. consider than he started his fighting career in the ufc. no tuner fights. He beat the current best at 155 in gomi in dominating fasion and than dominated the #1 p4p in matt hughes. His loss to pulver came early in his career and it was via decision to the #1 fighter in the world at that weight at that time.

Kondo, Hendo, Penn or Kid Yamamoto.

You can only pick from these four. That's it.

I hate kid, but if you see him fight, there will be few doubts that p4p he's probably the strongest and most aggressive fighter in the world right now.

In addition.. as you go down the weight spectrum, the fighters are more and more optimized.. therefore p4p, a strong little guy will be proportionally much stronger than a strong big guy. That's why I think realistically kid is probably #1.

Penn is also a possibility... he has actually gone up a weight class and beat the then p4p king, Hughes.

So my ranking is this:

Wanderlei Silva


Charles is right

Penn went from BJJ matches to the UFC with little to NO MMA experience name ONE fighter that has done the same besides Henderson (who fought in rings) but that doesn't really count. The best Pound for pound fighter in the world right now would have to be Silva the proof is in his record and the quality opponents he destroys with ease.

Here is my top 5

1)Wanderlei Silva
2)BJ Penn
3)Randy Couture
4)Dan Henderson

And my pick for Future P4P best fighter in the world pick will be

Norifumi "kid" Yamamoto

And that will happen in time with more experience