best PRIDE/UFC main event so far?

so far in the UFC, I would have to say

Tito Ortiz Vs. Chuck Liddell was the best main event so far.

so far in PRIDE, I would have to say

Wanderlei Silva Vs. Quinton Jackson was the best main event so far.

Silva v. Sakuraba - Couture v. Chuck

Mo V Coleman

Tito V F Shamrock

Chuck V Tito

Nog V Fedor

tito vs chuck
Nog vs Fedor

John Hess vs. Andy Anderson

In terms of excitement I find it hard to go past Ken V Tito, with Silva v Rampage a clse 2nd.

As far as good matchups. Couture v Rizzo 1 was tidy.

In terms of drama/buildup/etc, I'd go with Tito/Chuck, but Chuck/Randy was a much better fight in my opinion.

vitor/couture 2

shammy/severn 2