Best Program for bad joints???

My joints are messed up and I been trying various things to deal with them but they are still inhibiting my performance and stopping me from training the way I want to and used to. What are the best programs you have done to help with your joints (that have actually worked) and how do I get access to them?

I know there has to be something I can do because I know elite fighters train even harder yet manage to keep on training with tearing up thier joints all the time.

I am looking for most preferrably some DVD, video, book, or online thing I can easily obtain and use right away.

I heard that the Warrior Fitness program and the yoga for back or something is supposed to be really good. But I dont have that much money to spend so just want to pick one program that covers all the essentials and things I need to do that works, or if I need to, 2 or 3 at most...


You may want to check into some supplements. I've got a buddy who had cartilage damage in his knees. The doctors told him that he would never be able to run again, but he started taking glucosamine (not exactly sure on the name). Within a few months he felt a real difference and was able to slowly begin running again.

Glucosamine and Chondroitin supplements have helped me. You can find them combined in a tablet just about anywhere.

Glucosamine Sulfate cured my shoulder bursitis.

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I am currently taking GLC 2000 and felt it working for a while, but now my joints are starting to get worse again, probably because I am starting to train again as well (even though I been off for a week now but my body is still hurting too much and interferes with training)

Thanks for the current advices and suggestions, and

TTT for more books and recommendations. I need more opinions and support before I spend money on any program, because there are so many out there. TTT for what actually works.