Best Sak highlight ever.

Anybody see the Sak highlight by Robbypark on I think its the best one I've seen(besides the xlns one). It perfectly showcases the rise and fall of Sakuraba in one video. You guys should really check it out.

For a highlight, it sure doesn't show much in the way of "highlights". I like the one with the U2 song a lot better.

Rob Park is in a league of his own. I thought that was the best single fighter HL I've ever seen.

I especially loved the clips of Sakuraba training followed by him actually doing those moves in PRIDE.

can someone post a direct link to it?

Sak is a blast to watch, win or lose, he's stll IMO the best P4P fighter ever. Had he fought at his weight in the 185 division he's probably still be undefeated.


here is the link on this site

DaShooter just became my new best friend!!!


If I was Sak, I'd be moved by this and cry.

downloading this now.....

I liked the highlight but wished it showed more subs of sakuraba's


I always liked the highlights of him fighting Silva.

That link said it reached it's "transfer rate", but I found it at subfighter. Need to be a member.