best self defence weapon (not cane

I was wonderin whats the best self defence weapon one could use. I oringally was thinkin of a folding baton then i saw a iron whip which was small and would inflict damage. What about brass knockles? I also saw a small taser.

I want somethin i can conceal and have on me at most times yet still be strong enough to ward off a attacker if he is armed (let it be a knife or gun).

A gun.

Your mind

tkdfighter is correct in the philosophical sense. sickboy is correct in the practical sense. do you mean non-lethal weapons?

Remember Legal problems. Most weapons will get you in jail.

The only thing better than guns and knives is bigger guns and knives.
Seriously you can't compary SD weapons and devices against the two most leathal threats and win. It will come down to your awareness of the threat, your ability to avoid that threat and THEN maybe if you can deal head to head with it. But if someone has the drop on you with a gun/knife and they intend to use it, you are already at a damn near insurmoutntable disadvantage, unless something happens to give you an out.

If you act proactively and keep you item accessable you have improved your chances, but again it will come down to who has the chance to use theirs first.

Of course having nothing is worse than having something, but you had better be able to deploy and use that something to serious effect.

You don't want to carry a cane? It is ilegal to carry brass nuckles and batons in most states, much less use them. But canes are legal even on an airplane! They also give you the reach advantage over most implements. But again vs the gun and a worst case scenario it is a losing situation to start with. And then you need to cause the most damage as possible in order to incapacitate and/or escape.

Oh, and you may want to research some of the self defense site and threads on legal issues. The fantasy of legal self-defense is not the same as the reality. And even when you are justified in pounding some predator with serious injury, the wrong prosecutors office could mean you lose thousands of dollars in lost wages/time even if you are found innocent!


im not sure the rules here in canada. The thing with the cane is im a young kid and im not goin to carry around a cane, itll look suspicious. Where i live more and more people are carryin knives, mini bats, etc. And no offence to brown ppl but in my area when you get in a fight with a brown person you get in a fight with over 8 people. They'll come up to you make up some shit and no matter what you say your not gettin out of it. So if they have weapons and more people it makes sence to carry somethin to at least stand a chance. This week 2 of my friends got in fights with brown people, neither one of them started it! Luckily no weapson were used but its the principal and aspect of being prepared in case they do

FutureProdigy, don't carry weapons to school. The situation demands a little more sophistication, sealing off situations of vulnerability, planning ahead.

You're talking about groups of friends who like to fight, jump guys, etc. Let me tell you right off: weapons are not the answer, they will just cause other people to escalate as well. If you use them, you screw yourself anyway.

I'm a Masters student in educational psychology. Right now I'm doing one research assistantship in school violence and another in prison. NEVER have I seen anyone improve their situation by packing in a school.

By the way, having been in kali, Blauer Tactical, and submission fighting for about five years, I carry a variety of concealed weapons and am trained in their use... but not when I am in prison or on a plane. Same goes for you in school.

ironmongoose - what do you suggest is the best form of self defence if weapsons are out of the question (mauy thai, boxing, judo, etc)? I ask you cause the other forums are all for their art and won't sometimes consider others.

for self defense, i like awareness and avoidance as a first line defense. for self defense, it's seems weird, but technique is not as important as awareness and avoidance.

check out the work of tony blauer, geoff thompson, marc animal mcyoung, and others for some ideas.

If the threat you are possibly going to face is serious enough to warrant carrying a weapon in response; I would be looking to train in something more than just martial sports you listed. As Stick said; look into the work of Tony Blauer, Geoff Thompson, and Marc MacYoung. Hock Hocchiem would also be a good place to start.

Those names you listed there only tapes and books right? I won't be able to take classes will i? If not what art should i be studying while watchin their tapes?

And yes it is that serious when a bunch of skinny ass punks who think their thugs want to fight you and have no desire to do anythign else but that. And they fight in groups im the minority in my school, their the majority so without some form of defence you got nothin

p.s i live in brampton ontario if that helps anything out

I'm not too knowledgeable about locations in Canada. I know Blauer is based out of Montreal(sp). If you are close to there, you can go to Tri-star and train with Phil Hughes in Tony's material. Also, I think Sean Mulligan teaches out of Thunder Bay, if that is near by.

As for the others, yes, their material is expressd aminly through videos, texts, and seminars. If you are looking to train in somethign else and supplement that training with info from the above listed sources, perhaps one of the martial sports won't be that bad. It all depends really. What options do you have in your area? or go to the Mental Edge which is Tony Blauer's forum here. read the archives. based in the UK

part of their teachings is based on verbal deescalation skills.

i don't have animal's URL handy, but if you do a search on marc animal macyoung or go to there should be a link from there to his site. they publish his books. he's based in Denver i think.

and TKDFighter has a point, if you can carry weapons, then carry. i don't carry weapons, with the exception of a few pens and a mini-maglite. brass knuckles here in NYC and most likely USA are illegal.


forgot about hock, and of course there are plenty of others.

The people who have posted above are correct, and I especially like Tony Blauer. Grappling is important but should be particularly avoided when there are multiples (as in your case). A muay Thai or JKD class would be very nice if you can do it. If you're so lucky to have a Blauer Tactical Systems coach in the city that's ideal. Most systems have good AND bad schools depending on the city. Krav Maga for instance.

The one thing you'll find everywhere, is boxing. It is quickly learned, keeps you on your feet, gets you tough and fast, and gives you a chance against multiples because when you're not kicking, your footwork is freer.

Good luck to you and your friends.

A finer point about boxing is the fact it serves as an excellent attribute builder (timing, how to take a shot, distance, etc). Plus the classes are usually cheap.

MacYoung can also be found via Sammy Franco's website.

i live outside toronto...yeah all those other places are out of my area. The arts in my area are that of most areas, the traditonal arts ma arts along with bjj, muay thai, judo, boxing, etc. Theres alot of arts around here its more a matter of the quality of teaching. But id rather take a art suited to my needs. Alot of people preach of grappling but if im rolling with a guy on the ground its very easy for another guy to attack me, this is why i ask you guys

If by any chance you're near Vladimir Vasiliev's school ( consider it. Some people think it's bizarre and ineffective, especially those who have only seen videos of his work, but having visited his studio personally, I can tell you he can really do the stuff, and more importantly, so can his students. Surprisingly effective against multiples.

Omar Salvosa is a 100% class act and a national treasure, he runs Rebellion Jujitsu, which is mostly ground (as you said, you don't want to be bootstomped) but it's attached to Siam kickboxing, very good school also.

Those are the only places I was at when touring Toronto, but I know there are other good places. I heard someone in Toronto is certifying under Blauer Tactical, or will soon, don't know who it is.

Take care.

i have a friend in the UK with at least 10 years in various traditional MA and he has been focusing his training on VV's systema almost exclusively recently. he brings VV into the UK, my friend goes to Canada whenever he can to train with VV.