Best Shooto event name

What do you guys think was the coolest name for a shooto event? My pick is Shooto: Who is Young Leader

This thread needs some more input. NOW!!!

Shoot the Shooter

treasure hunt, the victory of the truth, and junkie is back are good ones too

We obviously have different taste because "who is young leader, treasure hunt, the victory of the truth, and junkie is back" don't appeal to me at all.

I like titles that tell or give sense of a battle.

"Shoot the Shooter" relates to battle because somebody will get shot. It's a given that the Shooter will be shooting because that's what he does. On the other hand, many will pursue to "shoot the shooter." Very cool.

"Devilock" is another that really appeals to me. It gives off that sense of evil. The fighters will get bruised and battered, seeking to destroy one another for the victory. Somewhere in that mix, the Devil is involved.

I like the names I mentioned because they are hilarious sounding. It's engrish at its finest.

Great point, "let's get lost" was classic.

I_Cant_Fight - That name is joke or can you fight?

Devilock is the name of a Japanese clothing company popular among youg Japanese males. has some info

Reconquest or the Great Travels works fine.

Shooto "To The Top" works for the UG :)

I like "Shooter's Passion" too, but "Let's Get Lost" is my favorite.

I like "Who is Waka Daisho?" which is the young leader one,but it sounds cooler in Japanese.

Victory of the Truth was cool too.

Shooto names are engrish at it's finest.

Shooto Junkie is Back is referring to Matsune. Unless I'm horribly mistaken, his nickname is Shooto Junkie.

hahahaha @ wanna shooto

I like all the Shooto event names - from Perception and Access to To The Top, but nothing will ever be as good as "Let's Get Lost".