best short sleeved rashguard?


underarmour seems to run pretty small too


Be careful if you order Underarmour without trying it own.I am 5'7" 150 pounds. I thought that I would wear medium but it was way to tight.The large fits great.

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oh yea, casca-grossa ia also very cool, too. I order from them
pretty regularly



email us @ or call toll free...1-877-644-3647...

With the tight fitting underarmour I find you should go up a size from a regulare t-shirt. If you wear a large t-shirt get an XL underarmour, but only if you get the tight fitting otherwise get the same size as you would normally wear.

You can get UnderArmour from just as cheap as you'd get it from a store, but if you're going to order online anyway why not support the locals and order from DogsofWar or Casca Grossa? Should be just as good, if not better.

If you check the underarmour website it lists local retailers and their addresses. Easier than going to all kinds of stores to see if they carry the stuff. If you can't find men's sizes that fit, try the women's or junior sizes (just in general, not only for the underarmour stuff). :)

thanks guys...i went with an atama, but ill keep underarmour and dogs of war in mind when i get some more in the next few months