best short sleeved rashguard?

Ive only owned one rashguard, a volcom surf rashguard i picked up a month or so after I made the switch from judo to jiujitsu. Its a peice of crap, within 2 weeks it was starting to come apart and got covered with lint balls. Its been a few months now and the elbows and shoulders are starting to look a little thin.

I think its about time to replace it.

what are some of your favorites?

which do you find the coolest/most ventilated?

best fitting for a skinny/small person?

most durable? (on the mat and in the wash)


oh yeah, thanks in advance


give us a look... we're running a xmas special on rash guards...$25 for one, 2 for $45
Top quality, VERY durable!!!

thanks, do you have em in really small sizes?

to give you an idea my bicep is..*runs to get tape measure*...10.5 inches at the largest part, straightened, unflexed.

Underarmour. You can get'em at most sport stores.

My vote goes to Dogs of War. Very nice rashguard and very good service.

underarmor also makes sleeveless rashgaurds, which I like...don't order from their website though, they screwed up my order bigtime.

Dont forget there are many cool rashguards from the surf companies

I like the Volcom ones...


Ive heard good things about underarmour and have been to many stores looking for some. But unfortunately I havnt been able to find any.

jack funk, I have this rashguard and its a peice of garbage:

Spooky, find the biggest Sports store in your area, which should already be carrying it if they have other sporting apparel and see if they can order it? Actually, see if they will order it, b/c I know they can. Underarmour is a bit on the thin side compared to my other rash guards but it's plenty durable and fits like a second skin. It also washes clean pretty easily and are cheap as any rash guard you're gonna find.

My other rash guards are thicker but hold sweat like a beast and b/c of that... get funky rather quickly. So you have to take more care in washing'em.

Underarmour has a website I'm sure. You can order online if you want.


Under Armour


hmmm, alot of support for underarmour, maybe ill look harder for some.


DogsofWar, Im still considering getting the rashguards from you, but Im worried the large and xl sizes will fit me like an oversized tshirt.


I have had no problems ordering from website.

email me with your size and we'll try to work it out..

DogsOfWar, I dont have your email, Ill look for it on the site but ill post my measurements here too.

waist: 31
hips: 34
bicep(straight and unflexed): 10.5
chest(under armpits): 36.5
height: 5'6
weight: 120ish

lol im a small guy.