best speedbag for an apartment?

Go get "The Speed Bag Bible" on video or the book by Alan Khan.

Tell him Dougie from Canada sent you.

Kahn also has a nice website at and has an article or two at


"Listen to the voice of reason!"

Seriously you've convinced me - I'm glad I posted this thread. it was a bad idea and I'm not looking for one anymore.

it's just been so cold lately, I've been looking for ways to train more at home.

Here is what I did:

I built an apartment-friendly punching target using a medicine ball, a door-frame chin-up bar, 4 sets of bicycle inner-tubes, 2 towels, and duct tape.

I set up The chin-up bar, wrapped the medicine ball in the towels and connected it tothe inner-tubes using duct tape. I suspended this from the bar.

The inner tubes minimize the noisy shock and you can get some good work outs.

I've modded it since then but can post some pics if anyone wants.

You can get apparatus to hang the bag at your local sporting goods store or online.


Other Do it Yourself exercise equipment:

when I get a house I'm getting this!!!!!!!!

beverlyhills- DOn't give up man!!! Heres a trick I used to use when I didn't have the space and wanted to train at home.

Instead of a speedbad, go get an in-between-bag. (Double ended bag, two-way bag, sway-bag, back&forth bag, etc...and anything else you've heard it refered to.)

If you don't have a room that has "I-Beams" exposed and there not all sheet-walled up, you can hang them from there. If you don't have exposed I-beams, then you can use a doorway. Go et an I-hook from Home Depot for $.10 and srew it up top and just use the (25lb weight-trick) desribed below to hold it in place. (I use 50lbs just to be sure.)

(Weight-Trick)If you can't drill into the floor where your at, get a 25lbs weight that you'd use to lift with....Put the rope through the hole in the weight and tie if off on a long, striaght "something" (Scissors work weel, screwdrivers too but anything flat and long enough to hold the rope below the hole so it doesn't "release" unexpectedly on you.)

The "In-Between-Bag" cost's $29 at Gart-Bros and comes with a bag, bladder, striaght rope and a bungy. They sell for more if they are really nice but at first, a cheaper one will do!


Its a GREAT bag, its cheap and best of ALLLL, its QUIET!!!!

Good luck mang.

Yeah, that is a good point. The bungy attaches to the ceiling. Although it can be used with 2 bungees.

With the one bungee you get more of a cobra bag effect.

thanks oswfighter - do you have a link to that product? I can't find it on google

Dougie is correct.

Gart-Bros sells either "EVERLAST" or "CENTURY" bags.

The Century bags are cheaper but work well!

The EVERLAST bags are the best, but are more expensive. They should be in between $29 and up tp $60 for the better ones. I recommend the cheaper one at first.

Here is a link to all of TITLE'S Century line of Double-End bags.

Hope it helps man!!!

They even have a bag-anchor so you don't have to use a bench-weight. AWESOME!!

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thanks Os

No prob man.

keep us posted.