best way to deal with a spider bite

Last night I noticed what looked like a small red spot on my upper leg. today it is a blood blister surrounded by a red ring and itchy and sore. My leg hurts like hell in the spot and around it. I have called my doc he can't see me until Thursday I think I should go to the ER or an urgent care center

You have staph. go to a ER ASAP. You can die.

^^^^^^Don't joke like that homeboy, somebody will do it and lose a foot or something.

Went to the urgent care . It turned out a spider bite they said a brown recluse. Gave me some Antibiotics and some Bactroban cream.The bite site stayed small and was about the size of a dime. All healed up and better now

 You got off lucky.  You must have a high metabolism rate.  I was unloading some hunting clothes and noticed a brown recluse right next to my pinky.  I got him before he got me.  I'm now 1-2 against them.

Those fuckers are nasty I heard.

Brown recluses are generally non aggressive and you're very unlucky to get bitten by one.

Now if you'd encountered one of these fella's... you'd be fucked.

I wouldnt trust anything an urget care DR said. If it was a brown recluse, youd see alot more damage than what you had. You probably were bitten by a brown spider which is part of the recluse faimly, just not as damaging. I work in the ER and see this daily. Dont try and take care of these yourself....that tends to lead to a worse infection.